Kimberbell Basics for Maywood Studios

Jun 15, 2021New Fabric Line

Sprinkles on cupcakes, ruffles on skirts, bows on packages, icing on donuts, doves cooing in the morning, cartoons in Bazooka bubblegum – sweet and simple pleasures. The same can be said about Kimberbell Basics in any of your sewing/quilting projects. It’s like handing out smiles.

This happy collection celebrates all four seasons – winter colors of crisp whites, grays, holiday reds, cool blues and teals; spring colors of lemony yellows, limey greens, pinky pinks, grapey grapes; summer colors of bold primaries; fall colors of harvest golds, yellows, and oranges, witchy blacks and purples. All these fabulous colors are captured in a range of delightful designs – spots, swirls, stripes….

Because there are so many pieces in this collection, it’s easy to create something fun and scrappy. Check out the following books: Top the Table, The Splendid Sampler 2, and Fabulous Fat Quarter Aprons (NO Kidding – you’ll want to spend more time in the kitchen!)

Spring Kimberbell Basics

Summer Kimberbell Basics

Fall Kimberbell Basics

Winter Kimberbell Basics


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