Paisley Prints created by Sevenberry Japan for Robert Kaufman

Nov 11, 2020New Fabric Line

Two things worth mentioning.

Not just for men, but ever so “suit”able

One — have you picked a paint color, or book, based solely on its name? Easy Does It, Pretty Darn Quick – really, who can resist? But the REAL point here is this: Donna Robertson just nails “uncomplicated” with her series of 3-Yard Quilts. As a BONUS, she includes instructions for morphing each lap-sized 3 yd quilt into either a 6 yd twin or a 12 yd queen/king.

Donna Robertson simplifies choosing fabric for quilts with her series of books featuring 3 yd quilt patterns.

Two — do you believe opposites attract, appreciate the simultaneous polarization and magnetism of contrasts? For instance – red and green, milk duds and popcorn, red hots and peanuts, pickles and beer, Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre… But the REAL point here is this: sophisticated and uncomplicated are beautifully matched when one pairs the debonair paisleys of Robert Kaufman with the straightforward patterns from Robertson. The exquisite result – a manly, man’s quilt.

As background, consider the “Terra” collection by Norma Wyatt Signature, a division of P&B Textiles.

We will be getting all 22 powerful pieces of Paisley Prints created by Sevenberry Japan for Robert Kaufman. Coordinates shown are from a variety of designers and manufacturers.


Fabric Designer:

Sevenberry Japan

Fabric Company:

No. of Pieces in Store

Full Line – 22 Prints
Coordinates well with various brands

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