Prairie Dreams by Lynne Hagmeier for Moda Fabrics

May 25, 2021New Fabric Line

Runners and quilts and minis, oh my!

How did the name Kansas Troubles come about? Perhaps because the originators are located smack dab in the middle of tornado alley – and we all know what happened to Dorothy? Perhaps because the distinctive color palette and plethora of prints cause you to buy 3 yards of everything – a sort of trouble all by itself? If you get to Benington, KS, ask Lynne Hagmeier – fabric designer for Moda and quilt shop owner.

Gudrun Erla has written a series of Stripology books featuring the oh-so-efficient stripology ruler. Ask for a demonstration.

The collection Prairie Dreams features a vintage floral print supported by lots and lots of coordinates in Kansas Troubles’ signature colorways – deep, deep reds, blues, blacks, greens, golds, and tans. Vintage being the operative word here, this line begs to be used in traditional quilt patterns, and the small prints lend themselves to smaller blocks and miniatures. As well, the pieces play well with other lines and themes.

Good things come in small packages.


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Kansas Troubles – Lynne Hagmeier

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