Quilting Long Arm Frames

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To create any quilt, a quilting frame is required to make the task possible. The Grace Company, having developed a line of quilting frames unlike any previously seen, quickly became the go-to company for those needing the best possible equipment. With both machine-quilting and hand-quilting frames from which to choose, customers soon found themselves with a variety of possibilities when it came to quilting. The frames offered numerous advantages to customers, including:

  • Professional-quality rail system
  • Improved fabric tension
  • Height adjustment to fit sewing machines
  • Speed control and stitch regulators

With the introduction of these features, Grace quickly became the company associated with quilting quality and began its ascension to the top.

We Sell and Service Grace Frames and Q’nique Long Arm Quilting Machines

We pride ourselves on matching our customers with products ideally suited to individual requirements. It is best to call or stop by The Sewing Center for more details regarding current models, pricing and promotions of all Grace Company Quilt Frames and Long Arm Machines.