The Blues by Janet Clare for Moda

Nov 12, 2020New Fabric Line

See yourself sitting outdoors, a cobbled street, a quaint bistro in New Orleans, a fading from light to dark as evening approaches, a street corner band playing B.B. King’s “How Blue Can You Get?”

A collection of 25 pieces, including 2 ombres.

Janet Clare hits all those notes in “The Blues” for Moda – the dusty blues, the ombres, the almost indiscernible patterns of musical notes, sharps, & staves. The prints are small enough for the most intricate of piecing.

“I hear it now.”

This collection is subtle and soft. You should probably be sipping a glass of Chardonnay while sewing.

Blue and White Quilts: 13 Remarkable Quilts with Timeless Appeal published by Martingale.


Fabric Designer:

Janet Clare

Fabric Company:

No. of Pieces in Store

Full Line – 25 Pieces

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